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2015 trends: So fresh and so clean

Restaurant Hospitality editors have been watching these trends cook all year. Here are 15 trends that are ready to come out of the oven in 2015.

Photo: Island Leigh/Thinkstock

What we’re seeing:

Jimmy Kimmel is right on with his cracks about gluten and GMOs: For the majority, these diets are more likely a fad than a trend. But we like dishes with fewer ingredients that still taste good yet provide transparency about just what the hell we are eating. Most of us dine out a couple times a week, so the less indulgent you can make it, the better for our waistlines.

Andrew Freeman, Andrew Freeman & Co.: Dietary restrictions have become part of our culture. But we see 2015 as “the death of yes”; you just can’t please everyone. So respect where you choose to eat—you can’t create your own dish.

In the kitchen:

• Matt McCallister of FT33 in Dallas makes most of his sauces with raw vegetable juice and plays with the flavors and aromas to add complexity and grassy notes to certain dishes.

• Curtis Stone thinks Southern California has some of the best farmers in the world. So he buys local for Maude in Beverly Hills, and claims he doesn’t need to do a whole lot for the ingredients to taste special. It’s important to treat ingredients very simply to “pay homage to their incredible natural flavors and textures,” he says.

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