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Menu Talk with Pat and Bret
Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya want to revolutionize Indian cuisine with their virtual restaurant, Biryani Bol.

From virtual restaurants to virtual reality, Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya want to revolutionize Indian cuisine

‘Biryani Bol’ is a play on a rallying cry by Indian protesters, and it’s also a new place for takeout

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Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya have a lot going on.

Working with chef Soham Deshpande, they’ve just launched a virtual restaurant called Biryani Bol that sells the Indian rice dish for takeout only from their two other New York City restaurants, Adda Indian Canteen and Rahi.

They’re also working on a restaurant called Dhamaka that was supposed to open in March before the novel coronavirus struck; now they’re hoping to get it open by October.

On top of that they’re working on a different type of virtual restaurant, Aerobanquets RMX, which uses virtual-reality technology to immerse guests into an other-worldly experience that, unlike most such experiences, involve not just sight and sound but touch, smell and taste as a meal is presented to guests while they keep their VR goggles on.

Mazumdar and Pandya discuss all of these projects during this podcast, but mostly they talk about biryani, a delicacy that they say is usually poorly represented in the United States, and they’re working to start a revolution to change that.

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