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Odd Burger plans to open 20 units in the next year

The Canadian chain is expanding into the U.S. with a unique franchising plan


Odd Burger isn’t an average plant-based chain; it has franchising down to a science. With sales leads in each state in the U.S. who will sell franchises to local operators, the chain is ready to expand at a rapid pace. The Canadian brand already has almost a dozen units open in the Northern half of North America, but it’s not stopping there. The first U.S. unit — in New York City — is set to open soon.

The menu consists of burgers and fries that mimic other burger restaurants. The brand’s signature burgers include The Famous, modeled after the McDonald’s burger, and the Vopper, a vegan version of Burger King’s Whopper.

“Making something that people are intrigued about, that people want to try because honestly this is where the iconic aspect of the food comes in where people really want to try ‘Oh what does the vegan version my favorite menu item taste like?,’” said James McInnes, CEO of Odd Burger.

Check out more from McInnes in the video above and vote on LinkedIn or Instagram for which concept you think is going to be the first national plant-based concept.

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