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New on the Menu

New on the Menu: Wagyu oyster tartare and a tangy squash dish

Plus a Mojito-French 75 mashup, updated French onion soup, and Charbel Hayek’s version of tuna crudo

Fans of Top Chef might have enjoyed watching contestant Charbel Hayek make tuna crudo with charred cucumber and orange blossom, and now they can try it at his first restaurant, Ladyhawk in West Hollywood, Calif..

Fans of French onion soup might enjoy the cheffed-up version that R.J. Yoakum is doing at Georgie in Dallas, where it has Gruyère foam and a sort of grilled cheese sandwich.

Acorn squash takes on new excitement at Riverpark, which recently reopened in New York City right near the East River.

Across that river in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint at Restaurant Yuu, chef and owner Yuu Shimano offers beef tartare with a different kind of oyster sauce than you might expect.

And across the Hudson River, in the New Jersey community of West New York, mixologist Byron Raudales has created a cocktail for the restaurant’s new brunch that incorporates elements of the Mojito and the French 75.

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Correction: February 27, 2024
This gallery has been updated to correct an error in the description and price of the squash dish at Riverpark. This gallery also previously misstated that Son Cubano has a new brunch menu.
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