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New on the Menu

New on the menu: Two types of ceviche and a crudo

Plus fennel three ways and a caramel Espresso Martini

It’s still winter in most of the country, but not so much in Florida, where chefs are rolling out a wide variety of raw fish preparations.

At Osaka Cocina Nikkei in Miami, which specializes in the Japanese-influenced aspects of Peruvian cuisine, chef Adonay Tafur adds white miso to a classic leche de tigre, or ceviche marinade.

Across the peninsula at Unidos Latin Kitchen + Bar in Naples, crispy rice is topped with ceviche and another Japanese element, soy sauce added to chimichurri.

And at Mirabella in Miami Beach, executive chef Paul Keyser makes a crudo mosaic of bluefin tuna, Hamachi, and cured salmon.

In San Francisco at Anomaly, chef and owner Mike Lanham continues to respond to an inaccurate Yelp review that accused him of using too much fennel by offering a dish that’s all fennel. The first one was called Fennel! Fennel! Fennel!, and the new one is Fennel’s Revenge.

Finally, at Balos in Washington, D.C., head bartender Christoforos Petropoulos upgrades the already indulgent Espresso Martini with the addition of salted caramel.

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