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New on the Menu: Two flaming cheeses in Nashville and two mushroom dishes in New York City

Plus a bourbon-ginger cocktail in Sonoma

Nashville is reportedly the most popular spot in the country for bachelorette parties. It’s also a place where it seems to be easy to find appetizers of flaming cheese.

At Bar East in Music City, Mexican cheese is mixed with a can of sweet corn, set on fire with high-proof run and served with tortilla chips for a dramatically presented queso, and at Electric Jane, also in Nashville, Greek cuisine is the inspiration for its flaming skillet of kasseri cheese, served with flatbread.

Meanwhile, in New York City, chefs are getting creative with mushrooms. At Hav & Mar in Chelsea, the Haitian mushroom dish diri a djon djon is given upscale treatment in the form of butter-poached lobster, while at The Wesley in the West Village mushrooms take the place of fish in a vegan ceviche.

And in California’s Sonoma County, in Healdsburg, Spoonbar at the h2Hotel is offering a cocktail of bourbon, ginger and spiced pear.

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