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New on the menu: Two ceviches and wagyu nigiri

Plus a deep purple bao and an over-the-top Bloody Mary

The bright flavors of ceviche are appealing all year long, but particularly as the weather warms up, so it makes sense that we would have two of them this week. Well, technically one is an aguachile, which is generally marinated for less time and in a liter sauce. That one is from Palette 22’s new Washington, D.C., location (another one is in Shirlington, Va.), where traditional shrimp aguachile and Jarritos Mandarin soda are the inspiration for a vegetarian appetizer.

The proper ceviche, wish shrimp and snapper, is on the menu at the new Chica & The Don in New York City.

In the Miami area, at the Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne, shrimp bao are presented dramatically with the help of ube and dry ice, while on the mainland in Coral Gables, Fla., wagyu beef is given the sushi treatment at Osumi Cocktail & Sushi Bar.

And in the Orlando area at Atlantic Beer and Oyster in Winter Park, Fla., the restaurant’s top-shelf meat and seafood are showcased in a pricy and garnish-laden Bloody Mary.

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