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New on the Menu

New on the Menu: Sea urchin custard and birria short rib

Plus two robust vegetarian side dishes and a cocktail inspired by mulled wine

Many restaurants are looking to add more meatless options to their menus for a number of reasons: A growing number of people are trying to cut down on their meat consumption, even those who aren’t have friends who might be and they want to go out to dinner with them too, meatless items usually have lower food costs, or at the very least more consistent ones, and vegetables are delicious.

This week we feature two such options: curried collard greens at Lost Isle on John’s Island in South Carolina, and stewed spicy white beans at Costera in New Orleans.

Of course there’s still plenty of demand for beef, and one of its trendiest forms is the braised Mexican dish birria. Usually it’s pulled and put in tacos, but at Mijo Modern Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas, short ribs are braised in a similar fashion as birria, but served whole with corn purée, pickled onion, and cotija cheese, providing flavors you’re also likely to find on a birria taco.

In Brooklyn, N.Y., at Maison Sun, a tasting menu-only restaurant, chef Aaron Whittle is making a sea urchin custard and topping it with a veil of brûléed plantains, and Yorba Linda, Calif., at The Blind Pig Kitchen + Bar, mulled wine is the inspiration for a boozy cocktail.

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