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New on the Menu: Scallops with strawberry farro and a cold chile relleno

Plus oxtail sliders, Japanese-inspired Caesar salad and an over-the-top surf & turf

According to research firm Black Box Intelligence, fine-dining is now the fastest-growing segment of the restaurant industry as people who saved money during the pandemic lockdown make up for lost time and missed celebrations. That means there’s probably a ready audience for LSD, the lobster, steak and duck extravaganza at Brooklyn Chop House in New York City.

Elsewhere in New York, at IV Purpose, a sports bar in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, single-name chef Taehesha draws on Caribbean inspiration for her oxtail sliders.

Japanese flavors drive the Caesar salad at Takibi in Portland, Ore., while at Maiz64 in Washington, D.C.,  chef Alam Méndez Florián, turns the idea of chiles rellenos on its head by serving it cold.

And at the new hotel Versailles in Ohio, executive chef Aaron Allen puts Catalonian twists on scallops with romesco and picada, while summering them up by lacing farro with strawberries.

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