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New on the Menu: Salmon pizza and crème brûlée French toast

Plus duck with popcorn pancakes, shrimp and shiso, and a cocktail evoking a children’s cereal

What do you get when you combine bourbon, lemon juice, pistachio milk, and simple syrup infused with Fruity Pebbles cereal? Apparently a cocktail that tastes like childhood memories, at least according to Keith Larry, beverage director of Little Rascal in Brooklyn. 

Another kids’ favorite, popcorn, gets the adult treatment at Hickory at Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards in Bristol, Va., where it’s made into pancakes and served with duck.

And in Tiburon, Calif., at Michael Mina’s Bungalow Kitchen, executive chef Harrison Chernick plays into his guests’ sweet teeth with a crème brûlée French toast.

In East Austin, Texas, at Oseyo, executive chef Mike Diaz makes a chimichurri out of perilla, also known as shiso, and spoons it on top of marinated grilled shrimp that is, itself, served on a perilla leaf.

And in Washington, D.C., 7-unit Pupatella prides itself on its authentic Neapolitan pizza cooked in an oven made from Mount Vesuvius ash, but that doesn’t keep chef Enzo Algarme from mixing it up a bit. For example, the pizzeria is currently offering a pie topped with smoked salmon.

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