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New on the Menu

New on the menu: Oxtail jam and pasta with squash

Plus a multicultural short rib dish, house-made burrata, and a smoky take on an Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is one of the trendiest cocktails out there at the moment (along with the Espresso Martini), but it’s flexible enough that bars and restaurants can make it their own, which is what beverage director Luis Villanueva does at Casa Bond in New York City, by carefully selecting the bitters he uses it, using maple syrup instead of simple, and serving it all under a smoke-filled dome.

Squash in general, and pumpkin in particular, is often considered a specialty of autumn, but seasons are weird in Colorado, where West End Social is located, so chef de cuisine Rachel Saxton is making use of both pumpkin and delicata in the pasta at her Aspen restaurant, along with other local produce and her own house-made ricotta cheese.

Burrata is made in-house at Emilia’s at The Crescent Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, and executive chef Preston Paine walks us through his process and serves it with jam made from local tomatoes.

Another savory jam, this one made of oxtail, is on the new menu at Izzy’s on the Peninsula in San Carlos, Calif.

In Fort Lee, N.J., at Ventanas Restaurant and Lounge, executive chef Sean Piccarreto brings in elements of Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisines for his short rib entrée.

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