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New on the Menu: The last of the asparagus, breakfast ramen, and Punjabi quail

Plus Matthew Kenney’s take on avocados and two summery cocktails

We have three weeks until summer officially ends, and zero weeks before Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, but Doug Brixton, chef and partner of The Golden Swan in New York City, has still managed to score some good local asparagus, and he’s serving it while evoking the flavors of a salad lyonnaise. 

The temperature is still hitting the triple digits in much of the country, although not in Healdsburg, Calif., or Manchester, Vt., who we hear from with some summery cocktails nonetheless. At Molti Amici in Healdsburg, bar director Danielle Peters developed a drink with the same color palette as the latest Wes Anderson film, and at The Crooked Ram in Manchester, Emily Shore has a hefty version of a Gin & Tonic — or possibly a light version of a Negroni.

It's hot in Austin, but Plank Seafood Provisions now has brunch to serve, and a highlight is breakfast ramen, but not a soupy one, and it’s brightened with yuzu and other Japanese elements.

In Beverly Hills, Matthew Kenney and Scott Winegard have an avocado salad with Indian influence, and in New York City India is all over the menu at Gulaabo, a new Punjabi restaurant by the owners of Baar Baar.

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Correction: September 05, 2023
This gallery has been updated with more information about the preparation of the Malwa fried quail. An error in the location of Golden Swan also has been corrected.
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