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New on the Menu: Dry-aged duck and Midori Negroni

Plus upscale versions of a classic Turkish snack, a Cuban comfort food, and a southern French shrimp dish

Classic dishes are classic for a reason. They combine time-tested flavors that people enjoy. So many chefs these days are sticking to those tried-and-true combinations and just adding a bit of their own style.

So at Calle Dragones in Miami’s Little Havana, executive chef and partner Luis Pous brings the flavors of vaca frita (“fried cow”) together, but upgrades the beef by using short ribs, and cooks the rice in the style of risotto.

Similarly, at Dalida in San Francisco, chef and owner Sayat Ozyillmaz upgrades a traditional spinach pie by giving it a crispy cheesy crust and a little bit more culinary finesse.

At Goodnights Prime Steaks & Spirits in Healdsburg, Calif., chef David Lawrence offers his own interpretation of shrimp and pastis.

Ryan Pearson breaks from tradition a little bit more at Couvant in New Orleans by aging his duck for a couple of weeks and then bringing more spicy elements than usual to the plate.

At Four Walls in Nashville, beverage director Kenneth Vanhooser, offers a variation on the White Negroni, but with the addition of various other aromatics, plus a Midori-based ice cube that changes the drink’s flavor as it melts.

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