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New on the menu: Deviled eggs with foie gras and crab Hoppin’ John

Plus saffron orzotto, mentaiko spaghetti, and an herbaceous pea cocktail

The recent pandemic wasn’t the first time that supply chain hassles messed with the way people cooked. Many communities found themselves isolated during the Second World War and its aftermath, including Okinawa, the Japanese island that the United States occupied until 1972. There, shelf-stable products such as preserved fish roe and dried spaghetti became staples, and dishes like spaghetti with mentaiko, or pollock roe, became popular. A version of that dish is now being served at Pod in Philadelphia, with the addition of an egg yolk to give it a carbonara-like mouth feel.

At South City Kitchen in Atlanta, the traditional dish of rice with field peas and pork, Hoppin’ John, is given a seafood twist by using crab of pork and peas.

Rice is what’s getting swapped out at Prohibition in Charleston, S.C., where chef Greg Garrison uses orzo pasta for a risotto-like dish.

In Winston-Salem, N.C., at The Katharine Brasserie & Bar deviled eggs come with foie gras and a $16 price tag, and at The Commodore at the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove in Miami, a green and purple cocktail is made using snap pea syrup and colorful Empress 1908 gin.


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