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New on the menu: A curry cocktail and sake clams

Plus white asparagus salad, a Tuscan soup turned into pasta, and Tiffany Derry’s lasagna

Celebrity chef Tiffany Derry has opened an Italian restaurant in the Dallas neighborhood of Farmers Branch, and for her lasagna she veers off of the traditional southern Italian-inspired forms that we’re accustomed to in the states and goes straight to Emilia-Romagna, the Italian region known for having the country’s richest cuisine.

Elsewhere in pasta, in Hollywood, Calif., Roman chef Barbara Pollastrini turns a hearty Tuscan bread-and-tomato soup into a pasta filling at her new restaurant, Da Barbara.

In San Francisco, chef Michael Rosenthal is celebrating the season with white asparagus and green strawberries at La Société, and in New York City, at the new Kin Gin, operated by TableOne Hospitality (which also has Bar Sprezzatura in San Francisco, Mother Tongue in Los Angeles, Mara Restaurant and Bar in Honolulu, and Twenty Three Grand in New York City), chef Tony Inn is serving up clams spiced with gochujang and steamed with sake.

And to wash it all down, Stuart Weaver, partner and bar director of Two Moon’s Music Hall in Denver has a tequila-based cocktail spiced with a curry tincture.

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