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New on the menu: Corn ravioli, blueberry foie gras, and pork jowl sushi

Plus a tequila-mango cocktail in Brooklyn, a frozen rum drink in Nashville, and lemon-shaped dessert in Puerto Rico

Summer continues to scorch much of the country, and that means frozen drinks like the Living the Dream cocktail at White Limozeen in Nashville have particular appeal, but so does the Chill Out, made with tequila and topped with mango foam, at Antidote in Brooklyn.

Corn ravioli by executive chef Josh Begley at Indaco’s location in Greenville, S.C., served in a sauce based on corn broth, reflects the season, as does the blueberry foie gras at the Woodall in Atlanta, developed by chef de cuisine Karl Gorline.

In Miami, at Osaka Cocina Nikkei, the specialty, as the name indicates, is Nikkei cuisine, which is what Japanese-influenced cuisine is called in Peru. There executive chef Adonay Tafur uses an Amazonian pork jowl preparation to make a sort of nigiri-style sushi.

In Puerto Rico, at the Ritz-Carlton property on Dorado Beach, executive pastry chef Mahamood Shaik uses every part of the lemon, and his own skills at pastry making and illusion, to present an intricate dessert that resembles a simple piece of fruit.

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