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New on the Menu: Cacio e pepe white asparagus and Rasta pasta

Plus creamy rice with pork belly, bombolini in spiced sugar, and a cocktail in a porthole

It’s white asparagus season, a time of year prized by many chefs and possibly most central Europeans. At The Noortwyck in New York City, chef and co-owner Andrew Quinn gives them a special treatment with one of the trendiest pasta preparations: Cacio e pepe.

In upstate New York, in the hamlet of Kerhonkson (population around 2,000), Christopher Weathered, chef and co-owner of Mill and Main restaurant, makes his own version of a staple among the West Indians of New York City, who combine their own jerk flavors with the pasta of their Italian neighbors.

In San Francisco, on the new menu at Bellota, chef Gonzalo Tecuaque makes arroz meloso, a creamy Spanish rice dish, and tops it with braised and seared pork belly, and in Dallas, at the recently opened Knife at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas, Las Colinas, the beverage team has developed a premium cocktail with two types of whiskey and corn liqueur poured into a porthole-shaped vessel with a bunch of aromatics.

And for dessert at the recently reopened Packard’s Steakhouse at the Innisbrook Resort in Tampa Bay, Fla., the Italian fried-dough dessert bombolini are given special treatment by being fried in wagyu beef fat and dusted in a complex “magic sugar” blend.

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Correction: May 22, 2024
This gallery has been updated with commentary from Innisbrook Resort chef David Morris about why he fries his bombolini in wagyu fat
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