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Trendinista: 30 ways to toast the end of the 'Mad Men' era

For the last eight years we’ve watched the ad men on Mad Men drink their way through Manhattan and beyond, but it’s all about to come to a crashing end. On April 5, AMC will begin airing the final seven episodes of this popular show, a nighttime soap opera that follows the denizens of a Madison Avenue advertising agency in the 1960s. The spot-on style of Mad Men has left its cultural imprint on a number of areas—fashion, the popularity of mid-century design and, of course, cocktails. Those ad men and their friends and relatives liked their cocktails and, true to the times, maintained well-stocked personal bars in their offices. Naturally the job demanded a lot of client wining and dining, along with plenty of hijinks.

Many restaurants and mixologists have piggybacked on the show’s influence by pouring their own versions of the cocktails preferred by Don Draper, Roger Sterling and Co. Maybe some of these twists on those classics will inspire your own own efforts to help guests celebrate the end of an era.

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