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Nine trendy beverages at the National Restaurant Show

From sprouted coffee to THC, many refreshing new items were on display

Beverages have become an increasingly active category in foodservice as operators facing a downturn in traffic work to make the most out of the customers they have. That includes getting them to upgrade from water to something they’ll happily pay for.

Exhibitors at the National Restaurant Show offered a wide variety of solutions for operators looking to up their drink game. That includes slightly exotic but still approachable flavors, such as the Japanese citrus yuzu, different textural elements, such as cold foam, and different combinations, such as dirty soda.

Traditional stimulants, such as coffee, are getting makeovers with new production practices, and less traditional stimulants are coming to the fore.

Cannabis is top of mind for many trend watchers, and THC drinks were on display on the show floor, as were beverages containing kava and kratom, which come from Polynesia and Southeast Asia, respectively, and enjoy popularity among the CBD crowd.

Ready-to-drink cocktails with lower alcohol by volume, as well as 0 abv drinks with sophisticated flavors.

Read on to learn more about some of the trendy flavors on display.

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