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Nine beverage trends spotted at the National Restaurant Association Show

Premium flavors and labor-saving options are on display

The past two years have been stressful enough to drive many people to drink, and suppliers have responded with a wide range of options. That includes many more choices for people who want to scale back on their alcohol intake, but also options that make it easier for operators to sell high-quality drinks with minimal labor.

Pre-made but premium mixers give restaurant and bar owners opportunities to serve two-touch cocktails, and bottled mixed drinks that are ready to pour make their lives even easier.

For people who like beer and wine but want to cut back on the intoxicating effects, a growing array of adult-tasting beverages with little or no alcohol are available now. So are soft drinks with clean labels and nuanced flavors.

For consumers who want more texture in their drinks, boba continues to spread, and now PepsiCo is seeing if the nitro trend that swept coffee has legs with soda.

Want to serve drinks with dazzling presentations? There are more options for that, too, all on display at the National Restaurant Association Show.

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