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Gimme a gimlet

Combine equal parts lime juice and gin and you will have produced a gimlet, a cocktail that has been around for a couple hundred years, but has seen periodic spikes in popularity, mostly notably in the 1950s and the present day.

But you can bet that today’s mixologists aren’t content to serve just gin and juice. Datassential calls out the William Bradford gimlet at Gin Parlour in New York City that includes housemade cranberry-lime cordial, and the watermelon basil gimlet at Scampo in Boston.

Here are three more notable twists on the classic drink:

Talula’s Garden in Philadelphia serves a Weekend Gardener cocktail, a sweet pea gimlet with mint, lime and Bluecoat gin.

Omaha Prime’s French gimlet consists of Ultimat vodka, St-Germain and lemon juice.

Café Camellia in Bellflower, Calif., mixes up a Ludlow gimlet with Plymouth and navy-strength gins, cinnamon, crème de abricot and fresh lime.

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