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Fall into autumn with smoky sips

Smoke-tinged and -inspired beverages are pushing flavor profiles at bars across the nation. Some get their flavor from infusions of actual tobacco, while others rely on bitters, spicy spirits, flavored syrups and other tricks to create a hint of smoke and a distinctive flavor profile. It’s an ideal offering for autumn’s cooler temperatures. Here are 15 drinks to get you started.

Experts advise treading carefully before adding tobacco in any form to a cocktail. “Bartenders need to understand chemical extraction rates and realize exactly how many mg of nicotine are being served per cocktail,” says Bradford Lawrence, barman at Avance in Philadelphia. Trevor Easter, g.m. at San Diego's Noble Experiment, recommended reading this article before wading into tobacco territory. 

Mixologist adds smoke to cocktails
Cocktails get a jolt from coffee
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