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Jim McCourt mixes it up at Prohibition in Charleston SC
<p>Jim McCourt mixes it up at Prohibition in Charleston, SC.</p>

Build a Better: Light summer cocktail

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Bartender Jim McCourt of Prohibition restaurant in Charleston, SC, offers tips for creating lower alcohol light summer sips. Two of his favorites are the Italian-inspired Aperol Spritz, a mixture of Aperol aperitif, Prosecco and club soda; and the classic Pimms Cup cocktail featuring Pimms, cucumber, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice and ginger ale.

Here are other tips from McCourt:

Use low proof alcohol. “I know this sounds like a given,” McCourt says, “but steer away from putting a couple ounces of 100 proof bourbon in your cocktail and instead use a lower proof liqueur. There are thousands of options available and can add a nice flavor to your beverage.”

Wines are a great ingredient to play with. Use anything from a young Spanish red for a sangria to a Prosecco in a Bellini and endless options in between. 

Alcohol-free mixers are your friends for low-alcohol drinks. “You can choose from mainstream sodas like ginger ale and orange juice or more obscure mixers like artisanal sodas and exotic fruit juices,” McCourt says. 

Consider beer cocktails. They have become a popular menu item on drink lists across the globe. “Try a Black Velvet from my home country of Ireland by layering equal parts champagne and Guinness,” McCourt suggests, “or a Mexican favorite, the Michelada, with Mexican beer, hot sauce, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lime and a salted rim.” 

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