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Chef Meg Galus Meg Galus
<p>ROAD WARRIOR: Galus has traveled all over the world, including to this year&rsquo;s James Beard Awards as a finalist for outstanding pastry chef.</p>

10 thoughts: Meg Galus

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Meg Galus is the executive pastry chef of Boka, Swift & Sons and Momotaro restaurants in Chicago. This year the Chicago Tribune named her Pastry Chef of the Year and she was a semifinalist for a James Beard 2016 Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef.

1. One thing you don’t know about me is that I’ve been to more than 25 countries (including cruising through Antarctica) and I’m on a plane right now for my first trip to Turkey!

2. If I could trade places with one chef, it would be Michael Laiskonis (James Beard Award-winning pastry chef). He is analytical, creative and generous with his knowledge.  

3. If there was no chocolate, I’d have no reason to live. Obviously!

4. My go-to drink is Earl Grey tea with a healthy splash of milk.

5. If I were on death row my last meal would be a freshly baked baguette and lots of French cheeses.

6. If I could change one thing about me I would have the ability to be in multiple places at once.

7. My favorite junk food is M&M’s.

8. If I wasn’t a pastry chef, I’d love to be a Broadway actress. I have a degree in theatre and still have a few tap dance moves in me.

9. If I could have a meal with anyone living or dead, it would be with my parents and grandparents. My mom died when I was 24, just before I went to pastry school, and most of my grandparents died when I was very young.  It would be amazing to have all of them together.  

10. I would make them a whole spread of sweets.


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