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Beverage Books

Beverage Books

Three new books by RESTAURANT HOSPITALITY contributing editor Robert Plotkin can help you boost your beverage business. All are published by Bar-Media,

The Bartender's Companion, 5th Edition: The Original Guide to American Cocktails and Drinks ($14.95) includes more than 2,700 drink recipes, 145 product reviews, plus glassware and drink preparation-guides. Whether you're looking for updated classics, blended drink ideas or flavor infusions, this book offers what you need. For example, it contains recipes for nearly one hundred coffee drinks.

1,001 Questions Every Bartender and Lounge Lizard Should Know How to Answer ($15.95) has something for the trivia buff, sure, but while it's a fun read, it also offers serious information that you and your employees will want to know.

For instance, the Vodka Geography IQ Test invites you to pair a list of 21 vodkas with their places of origin. Ditto for single malts and liqueurs.

The 1,001 questions in this book cover product knowledge (liquors, liqueurs, beers and wines), professional mixology, questions for seasoned pros, and a test called "What's Your Alcohol I.Q.?" Also included are entry level, intermediate and advanced bar exams (with a website address where tests can be downloaded in a userfriendly format).

The Beverage Operator's Survival Guide by Robert Plotkin ($15.95) was created to help operators deal with tough issues, such as how to prevent intoxication, under-age drinking, illegal drug use, armed robberies and sexual harassment.Operators will find survival-tactics such as security precautions, how to spot employee substance abuse, and safety procedures. While you're at it, test your own Alcohol I.Q. (answer key included).

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