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Best Sandwiches in America 2017: Meet the winners

For the past five years, Restaurant Hospitality has picked the Best Sandwiches in America, based on our editors’ expertise and your submissions. As in previous years, the entries flooded in.

From miso-cured bacon in a BLT served in Brooklyn, to a salmon sandwich in Seattle crusted in togarashi, this year’s Best Sandwiches prove that chefs around the country continue to push the boundaries of the hand-held favorite.

The winners, organized into 15 categories broken out by sandwich type, reflect bigger industry trends. We included two categories for chicken — fried and grilled — as we couldn’t overlook either the trend for the bird as fried, or the classic grilled staple. There’s a vegetarian category, as plant-based eating only continues to grow, but the winner is decidedly indulgent. Chefs also reconsidered the sandwich’s traditional carrier — bread — in favor of arepas and latkes.

Without further ado, here are the Best Sandwiches in America.

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