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sandwich Kevin Mata

Best Sandwiches in America 2017: Fried Chicken

This year’s Best Sandwiches prove that chefs around the country continue to push the boundaries of the hand-held favorite. See all the winners >>

Winner: Z’s Fried Chicken Sandwich

Restaurant: Claudine Kitchen & Bakeshop, Encino, Calif.  

Units: 1

Creator: Chef Anthony Jacquet

Price: $13.59

Food cost: $3.81

Ingredients: Mary’s Chicken, beer cheese (Chronic Amber Ale, aged cheddar, jack cheese, parmesan), horseradish honey mustard dressing and house pickles.

What makes it special: The chicken, a high-quality bird from Mary’s in San Joaquin Valley, Calif., is first cooked sous vide, and the beer cheese sauce and pickles are homemade. The soft, brioche buns also make this sandwich stand out.

What others are saying: “I ordered the Z’s fried chicken sandwich and it was probably the best I have ever tried so far!” writes Yelp user Nancy G.

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