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Best Sandwiches in America 2015: Pork

Best Sandwiches in America 2015: Pork

Who makes the best sandwich? Restaurant Hospitality’s editorial staff narrowed down the large field in our Best Sandwiches in America contest to 18 finalists. See all winners >>

Winner: Porchetta Sandwich

Restaurant: Stir Market, L.A.

Sandwich Creator: Jet Tila

Inspiration: “A hand-held version of Stir Market’s signature dish.”

Key Ingredients: Porchetta seasoned with fennel, lavender, lemon zest, rosemary and garlic

Price: $12.95

Food Cost: $4

What the Judges Said: This category nearly drove us insane because there were so many great entries, but we fell in love with this porchetta sandwich. In Italy, it’s not uncommon to find street vendors serving this elaborately stuffed and rolled pork in sandwich form, but rarely is it seen in sandwich form in this country. It’s labor intensive to prepare, but well worth the effort. Tila lays juicy white pork atop house-made jam and then adds texture with layers of crispy pork skin. What else can we say but, “Yum!”

Honorable Mentions:
• Pulled Pork Sandwich: County Barbeque, Chicago
• Lechon Sandwich: Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar, Philadelphia
• Boss Hog: Lammar’s Smokehouse BBQ, Marshfield, WI
• Grilled Vietnamese Meatloaf Sandwich: SW Craft Bar, Saint Paul

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