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Cheesecake variations shine in best desserts contest

The classic sweet is modified with different fruit and creative presentations

If we learned anything from reviewing all of the submissions in the Best Desserts contest, it’s that many restaurateurs and pastry chefs are most proud of fairly traditional preparations that they use to end their meals, sending their guests out into the world with fond memories and, ideally, plans to return.

Many of these traditional desserts were variations on cheesecake.

They include one made with mascarpone on a brown sugar pretzel crust at Oyster House in Philadelphia, as well as a four-part dessert at Better Than Sex — A Dessert Restaurant, that includes two different cheesecakes.

Cosmic Cowboy Grill in Coeur D’Alene, local huckleberries are the star of the cheesecake dessert, while at Angle in West Palm Beach, Fla., the dessert is shaped like a stick of butter.

And at Sanders Ridge Winery in Boonville, N.C., the cheesecake has cocoa added and is finished with bourbon cherries and chocolate sauce.

Read on to learn more about these variations on the classic.

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