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Chefs Curtis Stone left and Gordon Ramsay right are part of the trend
<p> Chefs Curtis Stone, left, and Gordon Ramsay, right, are part of the trend.</p>

Beefcake now hot restaurant trend

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Who knew there was a website — — for singles in uniform and for those who like them? Even more shocking? Chef’s whites ranked the second-sexiest uniforms, behind only lifeguards. It could bring a whole new meaning to the term food porn.

Chefs ranked just ahead of private pilots, the military and firemen in the dating site’s list of sexiest uniformed professions. The list is based on which occupations have garnered the most increased attention from single females the past two years.

Primarily in Europe, the U.S. and Canada, the company’s research showed “professional cooks” and “chefs” saw a much higher level of interaction than in previous years. By interaction, we assume the company means on its website, but this list should boost the confidence level of single chefs everywhere.

Is the allure the floppy white hats, the possibility of a gourmet breakfast in bed or the lingering smell of grease? The data doesn’t say, but we’ll guess the interest in chef’s whites is directly related to the rise of the celebrity chef and the surge in popularity of food shows on TV.

“The bottom line is: We wanted to know which categories of occupations were growing the most, and getting the most attention from female members around the world,” says Sean Wood, communications director of Cupid plc, the Edinburgh, Scotland-based online dating company that has built a database of 54 million members in 58 countries.

No word on whether the women wearing whites ranked just as high from single men.

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