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Jackfruit hits the mainstream

Jackfruit has appeared on food-trend roundups for the past couple of years, but this tropical fruit hailing from South and Southeast Asia could finally make mainstream menu moves in 2017. With increased consumer interest in meat alternatives, jackfruit is finding a place on the menu.

• Condado, a two-unit Mexican concept in Columbus, Ohio, offers BBQ pulled jackfruit as a taco filling option. Owner Joe Kahn told the Columbus Dispatch that when cooked, the tropical fruit is reminiscent of pulled pork.

• FüD, a vegan restaurant in Kansas City, Mo., serves a jackfruit Reuben and Jack BBQ. On its website, the restaurant says jackfruit is a better option for customers who are avoiding soy and wheat, along with meat.

• Paulie Gee’s, a popular pizzeria in Brooklyn, N.Y., includes jackfruit meatballs on its Jackie Green vegan pizza. The pie is also topped with vegan tomato sauce, basil and vegan mozzarella cheese.  

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