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Greg Trojan, President, HOB Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Age: 36. Why he's rising: Trojan, a respected food-service executive, is attempting to grow $90 million House of Blues into a diversified company with divisions in restaurants, retailing, broadcasting, and new media. Ladder climbing: President/chief executive officer, California Pizza Kitchen; general manager, Pizza Hut (Southern Calif. district); consultant, Bain & Co. Schooling: M.B.A., Wharton Graduate School of Business, 1986; B.S., University of Virginia, 1986. Wins praise for: Superb analytical ability; hiring the best and the brightest; strong bottom-line orientation. First job in foodservice: Development staff at Pepsico, age 30. What the future holds: If Trojan hires a talented senior management team and attracts top-notch unit managers, his star should rise sharply.

TAGS: Rising Stars