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Brendt Sterling Rogers, Pastry Chef, Tatou, NYC

Brendt Sterling Rogers, Pastry Chef, Tatou, NYC

Pastry chef, Tatou, New York City

Age: 27. Why he's rising: Rogers has worked with top pastry chefs in New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Considered by many to be one of the country's premier young pastry chefs. Background: Studied at Ecole Lenotre in Paris; worked in a variety of venues in Paris, which includes creating a line of American pastries for Columbus Espresso Bars; worked as a special events pastry chef for Yafa Edery Service, which caters to Parisian dignitaries; was a pastry and bread consultant to San Francisco Muffin Co., where he developed new products; worked as the had pastry chef for Campanile Restaurant and La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles; worked as an assistant pastry chef at Citrus restaurant in Los Angeles; before coming to Tatou, was head pastry chef at Oceana in New York City. Mentor: "Nancy Silverton, who taught me how to use all five of my senses while cooking." Celebrity endorsement: "Brendt is one of the most talented young pastry chefs in the country," says Silverton, chef/owner of Campanile and La Brea. Signature dessert: Warm banana brioche bread pudding with maple sugar ice cream and bitter chocolate.


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