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Michael Bonadies, Partner, Myriad Restaurant Group, NYC

Michael Bonadies, Partner, Myriad Restaurant Group, NYC

Partner, Myriad Restaurant Group, New York City

Age: 44. Why he's rising: Oversees Myriad's fast-growing consulting business; strong operations background with special talent for staffing and motivating front-of-house employees. Ladder climbing: Partner, Myriad Restaurant Group; general manager, Aureole Restaurant; Maitre d', Maxwell's Plum; manager, Alice's Restaurant. Schooling: B.A., English Literature, Magna Cum Laude/Phi Beta Kappa, Georgetown University, 1975. Wins praise for: Forging partnerships with Interstate Hotels, Neiman Marcus, and Sports Club Co.; writing Sip by Sip, a training guide for servers; publishing award-winning article in Wine & Spirits. First job i n foodservice: Landed dishwashing job at Clyde's in Georgetown, age 20. What the future holds: Hopes to help build Myriad into $100 million-plus company.

TAGS: Rising Stars