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4 Exciting technology trends from the NRA Show floor

From voice AI to different types of robots, here are some observations from walking the tech pavilion at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show

The 2023 National Restaurant Association Show highlighted just how crucial technology has become to the industry — with the show tech pavilion teeming with new robots, automated equipment, and software.

Last year’s Restaurant Show had a trepidatious, uncertain tone, with so many tech solutions highlighting labor-saving tools in the shadow of some of the worst labor crises the industry has ever seen. Now, technology is more forward-looking with less emphasis on Band-Aid solutions for an industry in crisis and more emphasis on forward-thinking change and progress.

NRN already reported on the trend of Iot Technology at the NRA Show, but here are four more technology trends we saw at the National Restaurant Association Show, from AI and automation to smart, cloud-based software.

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