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Who chefs are following on Twitter

Who chefs are following on Twitter

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Not only did we ask a handful of chefs and operators about their use of social media, we also asked who they liked to follow on Twitter. Yes, many find the time to keep tabs on not just their friends, but also others around the industry who inspire, instruct or just plain entertain. Here's a list of our sources' favorite follows:

Gregory Gourdet: Andy Ricker (@pawkhrua) is amazing. He’s telling the story of running restaurants all over the world.

Devorah Rosenzweig: Check out The Way We Ate’s Tumblr (@thewayweate on Twitter). I love those guys. Noah and Paul are cooking their way through American history and it’s super interesting. I’m also constantly checking up on @foodtechconnect to keep my finger on what’s going on with food/restaurants and the newest startups. My favorite food blog right now is First We Feast; they’re really informative and speak in a “behind-the-scenes” tone.

Rocco Whalen: Vinny Dotolo (@VDotolo), Marc Vetri (@MarcVetri), Mario Batali (@MarioBatali), Alice Waters (@AliceWaters), Suzanne Goin (@SuzanneGoin) and now I’m really focusing on Charlotte people (he’s opening a Farhenheit there this year).

Rick Tramonto: Chris Cosentino (@OffalChris) is a great follow, he’s always doing so much cool stuff with food. Mario Batali, Tyler Florence (@TylerFlorence) and Michael Chiarello (@ChefChiarello).

Jonathon Sawyer: Mario Batali, the Jamies (Bissonette, @JamieBiss, and Oliver, @JamieOliver), Freshstreet (@FreshStreet), April Bloomfield (@April Bloomfield), Andrew Zimmern (@AndrewZimmern), Nicholas Dekker (@BreakfastwNick), Marc Vetri, Lindy & Grundy Meats (@LindyGrundy), Kat Kinsman (@KatwithaWhip) and Jordana Rothman (@JordanaRothman).

Susan Thorne-Thomsen: Kat Kinsman, Grub Street (@grubstreet), New York Times Dining & Wine (@nytdining) and Tasting Table (@tastingtable).

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