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John L. Schwimmer, Executive Vice President, COO and Director, Bobby McGee's, U.S.A., Inc., Phoenix, AZ

John Schwimmer's track record at Bobby McGee's has been exceptional, particularly since March 1984 when he became executive vice president and chief operating officer. He has brought Bobby McGee's to unprecedented levels of sales and profits while seeing a growth of five new restaurants, including two in a brand new concept, J. Muncy & Co. He has implemented personnel, control, sales, and management systems that have built a tremendous team spirit and growth orientation. Schwimmer is a leader. His own personal dedication and knowledge of the operations and financial ends of the restaurant business are exceptional. His on-site involvement in Bobby McGee's high-volume restaurants sets an example that others very willingly follow. He is a good teacher and coach of his staff. He readily adapts to new situations and is a most eager and energetic learner of new business techniques and strategies. He brings the enthusiasm and drive of an entrepreneur to his position in which he is responsible for all of McGee's day-to-day activities.