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Aurifyrsquos Andrew Stern left and John Rigos focus on health
<p>Aurify&rsquo;s Andrew Stern (left) and John Rigos focus on health.</p>

2015 RH 25: Aurify Brands

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Headquarters: New York City

Annual Sales: $50 million

Units: 24

Key Personnel:
• John Rigos, managing partner
• Andrew Stern, managing partner

• Fields Good Chicken (a fast-casual grilled and roasted chicken concept with Field Failing)
• The Little Beet Table (a full-service restaurant that features an ingredient-driven menu that is 100 percent gluten-free)

• Melt Shop (artisanal sandwiches with four units in NYC, one in Long Island and one in Washington DC)
• The Little Beet (a fast-casual, wholesome food concept with two locations)
• Five Guys (13 franchise units of the popular burger joint)

• Plans to open additional locations of The Little Beet, The Little Beet Table, Melt Shop and Field’s Good Chicken by the end of the year, including the potential of expanding to additional markets including Chicago and Washington DC. By year’s end, units are expected to jump to 40 with revenues increasing to $70 million.

The folks at Aurify like good food—really good food. You can find that in every restaurant they open. Their most indulgent restaurant concept is Melt Shop, which features grilled cheese sandwiches that can truly be called gourmet because of the ingredients they use. But where they’re making their mark is in the better-for-you-food category. Take Fields Good Chicken, for example. The concept was founded by a professional cyclist who is dedicated to eating healthfully. The chicken at Fields is local and antibiotic free, and the entire menu is made from scratch. But their commitment to truly healthful food can be found at Little Beet, a fast-casual concept where nearly every ingredient is locally sourced and seasonal. It’s a growth vehicle with unlimited potential. In our humble opinion, this is where the future of fast food is headed, and Aurify is well ahead of the crowd.

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