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Stylish & Tempting: Desserts

Stylish & Tempting: Desserts

How's your sweet imagination? The dessert ideas in this month's recipe section will help get your creativity going, with specialties featuring fruit, chocolate and more.

Rethinking the Classics: Desserts with staying power can be reinterpreted for today's customers who are looking for value, variety and flavor. Consider The Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle recipe from Chef Michael Maddox of Le Titi de Paris. It's made with egg whites, pear puree and extra-bitter cocoa powder. Pumpkin Crème Brulée is a specialty shared by chef/owner Jose Luis Ugalde of Cafe Gibraltar. We're also providing desserts that aren't your grandmother's version of pudding or custard. From chef/owner Jay Swift of 4th & Swift, for example, you'll find a deliciously decadent Sticky Toffee Pudding featuring, among other ingredients, Medjool dates. Pie-lovers will be tempted by the Rasperry Key Lime Pie with Raspberry-Tequila Sauce.

Tiny Tastes: Eye-catching dessert presentations don't have to be massive to make a big impression. The recipe for Black Grape Sorbet with Goat Cheese Mousse and Honey Tuile, created by Chef Scott Samuel of CIA Greystone, is a perfect example. Chef Emanuel Karropoulos has created a “Coffee & Cigar” presentation of Tres Leches Espresso Custard, Chocolate Ashes and a Ganache Cigar — in a glass ashtray, of course.

Speaking of Chocolate: Chef Kimberly Morabito of Table Nectar contributes a recipe for Raw Chocolate and Avocado Mousse. Other chocolaty desserts include Chocolate Mascarpone Pie, and Caramel Peanut Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Ali's Bar at Signature Theatre. Don't blame us if you start feeling really hungry while reading the recipes.


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