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Lobster Avocado Club Sandwich

Lobster Avocado Club Sandwich

From: Chef Sophiane Benaouda, Grand Cafe, San Francisco. Yield: 8 servings.

24 slices whole grain or white bread, toasted

2 oz. lemon mayonnaise (aioli)

4 cups lettuce

2 lb. (approximately 4) heirloom or vine-ripe tomatoes, sliced

24 slices applewood-smoked bacon, cooked

2 fresh California avocados. sliced

Lobster Salad (yields 5 cups):

1 lb. cooked Maine lobster meat, cut into 1” pieces (4 cups)

1 Tbsp. cooked lobster roe

2 oz. green onions, finely chopped

1 oz. celery, finely diced

1 oz. cucumber, peeled, seeded, finely diced

1 oz. bell pepper, finely diced

1 Tbsp. parsley, chopped

2 oz. lemon mayonnaise (aioli)

to taste, salt and pepper

For lobster salad: Combine cooked Maine lobster meat, cooked lobster roe, green onions, celery, cucumber, bell pepper and parsley in a bowl. Add lemon mayonnaise. Mix well and season to taste with salt and pepper.

To assemble: Generously spread 1 side of each slice of bread with lemon mayonnaise. For each sandwich, top 1 slice of bread with some of the lettuce, 2 slices tomato and 3 slices bacon. Place another slice of bread on top. Place about 2 oz. avocado slices and about 2/3 cup lobster salad on top. Place another slice of bread on top and secure with wooden toothpicks. Cut sandwich in half diagonally. Present sandwich so filling is exposed.