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Sandwich Creations

Sandwich Creations

Nostalgia sandwiches include classics such as club sandwiches, Reubens, BLTs and childhood favorites like grilled cheese. Even these standards,though, offer plenty of room for creativity and updating. Your choice of breads, condiments and quality ingredients can tweak a classic into a talked-about specialty.

Consider the examples provided in this month's recipe section. From Sojourner Cafe in Santa Barbara, CA comes a recipe for the Bacon, Lettuce Tomato and Idaho Potato Sandwich, served between two slices of baked potato. You'll find another take on the classic BLT, too — the LLT Club Sandwich with lamb tenderloin cutlets replacing bacon.

As for the perennial childhood favorite, the grilled cheese sandwich, Marco's Cafe in Portland, OR, offers Grilled Cheese for Grown-Ups. Brie, Asiago and slices of California avocado are served on rustic Como bread. Another grilled cheese idea, The Famous Cheesey Mac and Rib Melt, originates from chef Dave Danhi of The Grilled Cheese Truck in Los Angeles. The recipe creatively combines several favorites — macaroni and cheese, pulled pork and barbecue sauce — in one sandwich.

Mediterranean, Asian and Latin menu influences have added to the American sandwich lexicon. Check out our recipes for Pulled Duck Ciabatta from Chef Steven Jayson of Universal Studios, Orlando, and two Banh Mi ideas from Bistronomics in Los Angeles and Prune in New York City. We also offer sandwich-complementing beverages, and more.


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