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Huddle House Western Breakfast Wrap

Huddle House Western Breakfast Wrap

Yield: 1 serving.

10" flour tortilla
2 slices cheese
2 eggs
2 oz. Huddle House signature Western Mix (diced ham, onion, green bell pepper and tomatoes)

Heat Western Mix. Scramble eggs. Place tortilla on round plate and microwave for 10 seconds. Place cheese slices at the left edge of the tortilla. Place Western Mix on top of cheese so that meat is in a straight line from the edge of the tortilla through the center. Place scrambled eggs on top of mix. Fold right edge of tortilla over, then fold bottom edge of tortilla so that the fillings are just covered. Roll tortilla from top to bottom to top, so that fillings are completely enclosed. Serve.

Photo Credit: HUDDLE HOUSE
Recipe Provided by: Huddle House Restaurants, Decatur, Ga.