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Breakfast and Brunch


Morning meals have gone global, with entrees such as frittatas, breakfast wraps, crepes and smoked seafood. Oh, sure, the eggs, potatoes, meat and bread are still there, but with creative variations. On our recipe pages you’ll find ideas for turkey hash, for instance, as well as a Spanish tortilla (omelet) with olives and potatoes.

Breakfast wraps abound, and we’re providing two versions. One features tortillas filled with pecan cream cheese and fresh fruit. The other begins with crepes, and is served quesadilla-style, filled with steak, eggs and cheese. The dish is accompanied by roasted poblano salsa and pico de gallo.

From executive chef Gadi Weinreich comes a recipe for smoked salmon frittata, served at Bryant Park Grill in New York City. Another seafood-based brunch idea is offered by Charles Butler of Waterfront Restaurant in Camden,Maine: Lobster tail with a savory potato flapjack.

If you’re looking for new side dishes to wake up your menu, check out the potato risotto from chef Marco Moreira of Tocqueville in New York City. Another option is stoneground white cheddar cheese grits, a recipe shared by chef/owner Thomas G. McEachern of 1848 House in Marietta, Georgia. Beverages are an important part of morning meals, too, so look for the tea latte and smoothie recipes we’re providing.

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