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Sandwiches Step Out


Since casual dining and comfort foods have claimed America’s attention, the sandwich has assumed a new prestige. Each element—bread, condiments and filling—offers a separate opportunity to create a winning combination. What’s more, restaurant operators are provided with a world of inspirations. Consider the breads featured in this month’s sandwiches: The baguettes, brioche, pita, sourdough, challah and focaccia are indications of the international flavor of today’s sandwiches.

On our recipe pages you’ll find seafood sandwiches such as the Lobster Club, created by Executive Chef Daniel Pochron of the newly opened jordans in Washington, D.C., and the Mahi Mahi Cristo that executive chef Todd Brooks offers at Pierpont’s in Kansas City, Missouri. Also look for a Thai Pesto Alaska Pollock Sandwich and a Niçoise Tuna Sandwich.

From Chef Gilbert Rizo at d’Bronx in Kansas City, Missouri, comes a hearty turkey sandwich recipe. In addition, we’ve included a sandwich idea that combines duckling, mango and goat cheese. Meat-lovers will appreciate substantial combinations such as the Veal Baguette with Spinach and Veal Bacon, a specialty created by chef Tom Hieston of Atwater’s Restaurant in Geneva, Illinois. Look for it, along with other meaty sandwich ideas, on the following pages.