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Char Siu Turkey Breast Salad

Char Siu Turkey Breast Salad

From: Executive chef Nando Balmonte, Islands Dining Room, Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Orlando, FL. Yield: 4 servings.

Ginger-spiced Mandarin Oranges:

8 oz. Mandarin orange segments, drained

2 oz. fresh ginger, peeled and finely minced

4 oz. Rose's Lime Juice

Spiced Pecans:

½ oz. white sugar

¼ oz. kosher salt

¾ tsp. paprika

¾ tsp. chili powder

½ tsp. garlic powder

¾ tsp. Chinese 5-spice

1 cup pecan pieces

as needed, oil for deep frying

Char Siu Turkey Breast:

4 oz. sugar

1 oz. kosher salt

1 oz. Chinese 5-spice

1 oz. cold water

1 lb. turkey breast, boneless

as needed, wonton wrapper

1 lb. romaine lettuce, chopped

For ginger-spiced Mandarin oranges: Combine all ingredients. Cover and marinate overnight.

For spiced pecans: Combine sugar, salt and spices. Deep fry pecans. Drain and immediately toss in sugar mixture while pecans are hot. Spread out into a shallow metal pan to drain and cool. Cover and reserve for service.

Char Siu turkey breast: Mix sugar, salt, 5-spice, and water until a paste is formed. Liberally coat turkey breast with the mixture. Smoke in a preheated 250°F smoker oven for 2 hours or until the internal temperature registers 165°F. Trim and thinly slice turkey breast. Cover, chill and reserve for service.

For assembly: Slice won ton wrappers and deep fry until crispy. Drain and sprinkle with coarse salt. Per salad order: On a chillled plate or in a chilled salad bowl, place 4 oz. sliced turkey breast atop 4 oz. crisp romaine lettuce. Arrange salad with ginger-spiced oranges and spiced pecans. Garnish with wonton crisps.

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