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Turkey Saltimbocca with Corn Pappardelle

Turkey Saltimbocca with Corn Pappardelle

From: Lydia Shire, Scampo, Boston. Yield: 8 servings.


8 2-oz. slices turkey breast

8 thin slices Fontina

8 sage leaves

8 slices prosciutto

to taste, salt and pepper


½ cup corn flour

2½ cups pasta flour

8 egg yolks

½ cup water

2 tsp. salt

1 dash extra virgin olive oil

ruit di Mostarda:

2 lb., 3 oz. mixed fruit (apples, peaches, pears, apricots, citrus)

3 cups honey

1 lemon

½ cup mustard seeds

1 cup white wine

2 cups small-diced Fruit di Mostarda

1 cup creme fraiche

½ cup Parmesan

¼ lb. butter

1 cup medium-diced beets

For saltimbocca: Pound turkey slices slightly so they about ¼" thick. Layer with cheese, sage leaves and prosciutto. To cook, place prosciutto-side down in a medium hot pan and sear until sides become a little crispy. Flip; finish cooking.

For pasta: Pile flour in the middle of table. Place hole in middle and fill with eggs, water and salt. Slowly incorporate flour into middle. Knead dough until all flour is incorporated. Let rest for ½ hour. In batches, roll dough out with pasta machine. Start at highest setting and work down. Dough should not be too thin. When desired thickness is reached, cut dough with crinkle cutter or pizza cutter. Dust with semolina to keep dough from sticking.

For fruit di mostarda: Wash and dice all fruit. In casserole, cover fruit with water and add 1 Tbsp. honey, grated rind and juice of lemon. Cook fruit for 30 minutes over medium heat. Remove from fire and cool. In second casserole, warm wine and remaining honey; reduce syrup by 1/3 and mix in mustard. Remove from heat and cool. Combine fruit and syrup. Mix well; refrigerate.

For assembly: Cook pasta until tender, about 3-4 minutes, in salted, boiling water. Transfer pasta to hot pan with some of the pasta water and add butter. Cool down until it forms a light glaze. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to plates or a platter and arrange saltimbocca over the top. Drizzle with creme fraiche. Toss beets and fruit di mostarda over pasta and dust with grated Parmesan.

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