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Beer-friendly fare with flair

Five beer-worthy recipes

The drinking-and-dining culture may have taken a casual turn with gastropubs, but customers are still serious about seeking out quality brews and food. According to the Brewers Association, in 2011 the craft brewing industry grew 13 percent by volume and 15 percent by dollars. Gastropubs have homed in on the winning combination of offering great eats with great beer in a casual atmosphere. While each chef has his own take on beer-friendly food, you can draw inspiration from books such as Cooking with Beer and Grilling with Beer by Lucy Saunders. If you’re looking for foodservice ideas like pub fare to pair with craft brewed beers, check out these hearty recipes from the pages of Restaurant Hospitality.

Bacon and blue cheese sliders with pear ketchup from The M Bar




Charred beer onion chicken sandwich




Grilled pork kebabs with spicy harissa and honey glaze from Palace Kitchen
Grilled Ohio lamb steak from Bar Cento
Homemade Guinness ice cream with chocolate-dipped gaufrette wafers from Vintage Tavern

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