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Bridgford - Variety Bread Pull-Apart Loaf

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Variety Bread Pull-Apart Loaf
Source: Bridgford Foods Corporation

Tasty yeast rolls in a pull-apart loaf. Sweet Bavarian and yeasty white bread baked together to create a tasty pull-apart loaf for unique table bread service.

Bridgford - Variety Bread Pull-Apart Loaf
sponsored by Bridgford Food Corporation
Ingredients Directions
24 Bridgford White Ranch Rolls dough.
24 Bridgford Bavarian Ranch Rolls dough Butter for basting.
Using a bun dough pan, baking rings, or small loaf pans spray pan with vegetable release. Place dough pieces alternating the varieties for a "checkerboard" appearance. Let dough proof until dough fills the pan and bake in 325" oven 10-12 minutes.
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