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Krab Patty Pita

Krab Patty Pita

Krab Patty Pita

Fishery Products Inc.


Fishery Products Inc.

Source: Phillips Seafood Inc.

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Phillips Krab Patty is a crunchy coating of Japanese panko bread crumbs around a creamy mix of surimi, Worcestershire, parsley, and spices.

Ingredients & Directions


Phillips Krab Patty Minis
Chipotle Ranch dressing
Iceburg lettuce, shredded
Roma tomatoes, thinly sliced
Avocado or guacamole
Pita pocket


1. Cook Krab Patty Minis according to package directions.
2. Layer chipotle ranch dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, and Krab Patty in pita pocket.
3. Top w/ avocado slice or dollop of guacamole or piping of avocado puree.

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