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Tuscan Chicken Capelli d’Angelo

Tuscan Chicken Capelli d’Angelo

Tuscan Chicken Capelli d’Angelo




Source: Brakebush

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Ingredients & Directions

3 oz.
1/3 cup
6 pieces
¼ cup
1 ea.
1 Tbsp.
1 tsp.

2½ cups
1 Tbsp.
1 Tbsp.
1 Tbsp.
1 tsp.
1 tsp.

The Recipe
5213 Tuscan-Style Sliced Chicken Breast
Angel hair pasta (Capelli d’Angelo), cooked
Asparagus spears (toss in olive oil, salt and pepper)
Zucchini (medium diced)
Vine ripe tomato (cut in small wedges)
Romano cheese (shredded)
Olive oil
The Sauce
Chicken stock (hot)
Onion (finely diced)
Basil pesto
Sun dried tomato (minced)

Method for the Recipe

1. Season asparagus and oven roast in a 450 degree oven for 2-3 minutes.

2. In a skillet heat olive oil and sauté chicken with the zucchini about 3 minutes. Toss in the vine ripe tomato and toss gently just to warm the tomato.

3. Assemble dish with the asparagus spears down flat. Neatly place the sauté mixture atop the asparagus.

4. Top with heated pasta.

5. Finish with sauce and Romano cheese.

Method for the Sauce

1. In sauce pan heat butter and sauté onion over medium heat until tender. Add flour to make a roux. Cook and stir for about one minute, then add the hot chicken stock.

2. Bring sauce to a simmer and turn heat down. Fold in basil pesto and strain sauce.

3. Fold in sun dried tomato. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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